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Anita's podcasts explore the "WORD gap" & assessments in early childhood, including preschool assessments like CLASS™ :

It was recorded at Erikson Institute's Early Childhood Leadership Academy in Chicago, IL.
  • Part 1 identifies the 2 most frequently used assessments of instructional quality and zones in on CLASS™
  • Part 2: focuses on some limitations of CLASS™
  • Part 3: focuses on how to ensure culturally inclusive ECE assessment

Anita’s Goals

based on input from educators, students, and other residents, Anita is committed to:

  • Increasing family and community engagement at home & at school --beyond PTA meetings (which tend to be relatively formal and the agenda is usually determined by elected officers, and any parent who does not pay their dues by the due date, or is unable to attend the meetings is frequently left behind) and PTA events (not always as community-centered-and-involving as they could be) +
  • Rewarding hiring and retaining highly qualified and committed employees
  • Alleviating students’ stress: e.g., the testing trauma and excessive homework
  • Increasing partnerships: e.g., btw. HCPSS & HC Office of Aging & Independence-- through cross-age language projects and the like, as well as internships
  • Ensuring genuine student engagement: including opportunities to develop trade skills (e.g., woodwork, plumbing, automotive assembly, and repair, through on-site offerings, and apprenticeships/internships)
  • Offering a curriculum, instructional resources, and assessments that are regionally rich, globally competitive, and culturally inclusive
  • Providing our students with safe (zero tolerance for bullying) spaces & utilizing our schools’ diversity as a resource by, for instance, giving our students access to langs. of national interest: e.g., Chinese, Korean, Urdu/Hindi, & classical languages: Greek, Hebrew, Sanskrit
  • Introducing a World Language earlier
  • Piloting 1 or more dual language. schools proven to give all students an academic and social edge; see resources:
  • Increasing access to and the availability of pre-schools in Howard County, and engaging in smart (value-added) spending



Anita will be hosting Parent & Community Forums for all Howard County residents at her home.

(3709 Grosvenor Dr., Ellicott City, MD 21042) every Saturday starting Dec. 13 through June 23 from 11:30a.m.-1:30p.m.

Refreshments will be provided, so please come share any schooling concerns you have and/or your thoughts on how we can better meet your educational needs.

RSVP please at least 2 hours prior, so we can have enough refreshments ( 443.422.5923 ; )

Join Us

It takes a County--for more parent + community investment in our students’ success!

It takes a County: for our families & community to raise our children highER!

Thank you, Asante! Khamsa hamnida, Nandri! Toda raba! Xei xei for your support!


  • Dr. Anita Pandey is a free-spirited and charismatic educator, writer, researcher, and presenter who champions literacy and cultural diversity. Her eclectic background has undoubtedly impassioned her to become a driving force in the movement to promote intercultural communication and language development. Her strong commitment to early childhood education and dual language acquisition in schools is meritorious. Dr. Pandey is not only brilliant, but she is a consummate professional and her enthusiasm is infectious. No one will ever have an encounter with Dr. Pandey without learning something new and feeling empowered.

    -- Teresa Coluchi

  • It is my privilege to endorse Dr. Anita Pandey. I have known her for at least fifteen years. I met her in Memphis, TN where she was my professor. From the very beginning, she offered encouragement and guidance. Later, we collaborated on a project which took us to Stanford. While in Memphis, Dr. Pandey worked with the Hispanic Institute and was a vital resource for its offered English courses. She is a kind friend who continually inspires me!

    -- Marvin Paul Skinner, former Graduate student at The Univ. of Memphis

  • Endorsement from Howard County Resident & Campaign Manager for Anita Pandey for HoCo BOE:

    Anita Pandey is an experienced and accomplished educator and parent of students in Howard County Public Schools. She is open to new and innovative ideas and methods, combining an emphasis on high standards and inclusion with state and local control and flexible implementation. I've also come to know Mrs. Pandey as a friend, someone who is generous and passionate about helping others and the field of Public Education. I believe she will be a great new member of the Howard County Board of Education.

    --Kenneth T. Baker

  • Mama is also like my best friend. Her motto is "Do your best and forget the rest!" She points out our mistakes not to make us feel bad, but to make us better. While she sees the mistakes I made on a quiz, she also sees the mistakes made by the teacher grading it. She believes that culture and language are the windows to the soul. She's about as fluent in Spanish as Luis Fonsi. She helps every child and adult in need to English and driving, no matter how much sleep she loses in the night. She IS the voice of the people who have no mouths in this County

    --Sarika, 14

  • My name is Sahara, and I have a wonderful Mom who is always busy but still somehow finds a way to cook with/for us, watch movies with us, care for us, and still be out for her friends. Even though she gets angry sometimes, she will always find a place in her heart for us and you, and that is why I think you should vote for my mother, Anita Pandey. Thank you."

    --Sahara, 11